Finish Options

If you've been looking at desk tops on our website, you've probably noticed that we offer a few finish options. Each option has a specific use, so here's how to decide what finish is best for you:


Each finish has different strengths, so the following is a more detailed description of each option. Follow this link to a photo gallery where you can see pictures of each finish:



Monocoat is a plant-based, sustainable and VOC-Free finish. It accentuates the natural beauty of wood with a thin, durable, matte and water resistant coating. It is a great choice if you want the very good protection and the most natural looking finish possible. Monocoat is the finish we use on our personal woodworking projects for it’s appearance, ease of maintenance, and ease of repair. It offers protection against stains and spills, while being easy to spot repair if your finish does get damaged over time. It is also a green, zero VOC finish, and can be worked on directly in your office if you do need to spot repair at any point. We have a full Monocoat care guide in the "Info" section of our website

High-Grade, Antimicrobial Catalyzed Polyurethane

Accessa's High-Grade, Antimicrobial Catalyzed Polyurethane is our most durable and protective finish.  Rated for exterior use, it protects the wood from water damage, mildew and UV light.  The addition of ionic silver - widely recognized as safe for human contact - offers increased hygiene, odor control and stain resistance, and has been proven effective against most harmful microorganisms present in everyday life, such as E.coli, Legionella and Coronaviruses among others. While the finish does provide a protective film on top of the wood surface, we use a dull satin version to best preserve the natural look of the wood. While it has a bit of sheen, it is not glossy. Our polyurethane finish is safe for food contact, but not recommended for chopping. It is the lowest maintenance of all finishes. We recommend a water/vinegar mix in a spray bottle for cleaning (not store bought cleaners).


This will come finish sanded and ready for finishing on site. This is the best choice if you plan on cutting a sink or cooktop opening on site - you or your contractor can make the required cuts and then finish on site.