Quartersawn White Oak Wooden Desk Top
Solid Wood Desk Top in Quartersawn White Oak
Quartersawn White Oak Executive Desk Top
Quartersawn White Oak Wood Office Desk Top
Quartersawn White Oak Wooden Desk Top Solid Wood Desk Top in Quartersawn White Oak Quartersawn White Oak Executive Desk Top Quartersawn White Oak Wood Office Desk Top

Quartersawn White Oak Desk Top - Customize & Order Online

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Desk Frame and Chair for illustration purposes (not included)

Pictured with:
Desk Frame - VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation
Chair - 2xhome Office Chair High Back White

For centuries, White Oak has been prized in furniture making. Its neutral tones and classic beauty with medullary rays running throughout have made it popular for many different purposes, including decorating and interior design.  Our Quartersawn White Oak desktop is the perfect way to brighten your home office, den, or workspace.

Hand Selected. Each and every one of our products comes with a personal commitment to quality in every step of the process, from wood selection onward. We proudly source our White Oak hardwood from sustainable sources in Eastern and Midwestern United States. It is heavy and dense, with a light to medium brown color and occasional cream to white colored sapwood. In hand picking we only pick the best lumber available, we guarantee that our desktops are of premium quality.

Built For You. Your desktop is a personal space, and should also be a personal creation. To that end, we design your desktop the way you want it, from from sizing to finish and everything in between. We strive to make every detail perfect, and guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the impeccable craftsmanship from our shop.

Versatile. You want your desktop to work for you, whether you’re typing away at the computer, playing games, or burning the midnight oil. Our durable desktops are ready for action in many different everyday functions and are sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.

Durable. At hardwooddesktops.com, we make high quality products with staying power. We blend quality hardwood with impeccable craftsmanship for a perfect combination. New furniture for your home or office is an investment; spend wisely with a desktop from hardwooddesktops.com.

Easy Care. Our products are simple to maintain, so that you can keep them looking as polished and gorgeous as the day you received them. While some wood products can be complicated to deal with, our care and maintenance guides offer all the information you need to keep your tabletop in the best condition possible, and we also have tips and tricks for spot repair and restoration, too.

Quartersawn White Oak Desktop Features At a Glance:

  • Our plank style desktops showcase the face grain of the tree - long wavy growth patterns extending the full run of the desktop
  • 1” - 1 1/2”  thickness available.
  • Custom Made-to-Order and shipped nationwide
  • Premium Full length Hardwood Planks
  • Grown, Sustainably Sourced, and Handmade in the USA
  • Absolutely Zero Plywood, MDF, or Veneer used in production
  • The desk top pictured measures 30” x 60” x 1”
  • Janka Hardness score of 1350

We ship our desktops from here in Denver, Colorado straight to your home. Whether you live nearby or across the country, we can send your order anywhere within the United States.

Have more questions? Not sure where to start? Check out our FAQ page to learn about price quotes, shipping, and more.

Or, contact us to start the process of creating a custom desktop today.

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